Get Inspired by Geza Vandor

Geza Vandor (Hungarian, 1898-1956), Solarized Rose, ca. 1930, photogram, gelatin silver print, 10 5/8 × 8 3/8 inches. Gift of Joe and Pamela Bonino, 81-2013.

Today's activity was inspired by the work of artist Geza Vandor who used light to make photograms. You can make similar prints by exposing paper and objects to the sun.

Learn more about the artist here.


  • Colored paper or construction paper
  • Direct sunlight
  • Leaves, flowers, feathers, other elements collected from nature
  • Optional: small rocks to use as weights for cellophane
  • Optional: Plexiglass, glass (could be from a picture frame), or clear cellophane


Step 1

Go for an adventure in your yard or a walk outside to observe nature and your surroundings. Select flowers, leaves, feathers and other elements, taking care not to disturb the environment. You can also use household objects with interesting silhouettes, such as keys or silverware.

Step 2

Select your colored paper, and arrange your objects on the paper in the sun. You can layout one object per sheet of paper, or multiple objects onto a page depending on the availability and space.
(Tip: Darker paper produces a richer print.)

Step 3

Expose your arrangement to the sun for two to three hours, or leave until the next day. For smaller objects that might blow away, cover your arrangement with the clear material. This can be a sheet of Plexiglass, the glass from inside a picture frame, or clear cellophane. If using cellophane, pull a strip longer than the paper and lay it across your arrangement, then place rocks on each corner to weigh it down.

Step 4

Remove your covering and arrangement from your paper to reveal your print!