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Q+ Art is a major new initiative that centers on the work of artists who identify as LGBTQ+ and combines exhibitions, public programs, collection-building, and awards. Q+ Art not only supports the creative endeavors of LGBTQ+ identified artists, but also presents their often-untold critical histories.

A group of founding partners and an advisory committee consisting of artists, curators, and gallerists was formed to help define the initiative's goals and programming elements. Q+ Art will manifest as an ongoing public showcase for LGBTQ+ identified artists through art and design exhibitions, a speaker series, films and performances, and collection of LGBTQ+ art and design.

As part of the initiative, the museum will work to add to its LGBTQ+ collection and is in the process of identifying a curator to work on Q+ Art programming.

“The museum has been working with many LGBTQ+ identified artists over the years, but I felt it was time to make a more formal commitment to our community with the creation of a well-defined and comprehensive program. Considering how significant the LGBTQ+ demographic is to Palm Springs, it's simply obvious that our museum should take a leading role nationally in telling the stories of LGBTQ+ contributions to art and design.”

Adam Lerner
JoAnn McGrath Executive Director/CEO


To Move Toward the Limits of Living: LGBTQ+ Works from the Collection

This exhibition examines how LGBTQ+ artists have used diverse strategies to respond to experiences of exclusion and discover new possibility, casting light on subjects including the LGBTQ+ self, domestic space, and the broader social world.


John Sonsini, Gabriel, 2003, oil on canvas, 20 × 16 in., Palm Springs Art Museum, Gift of Michael Maloney, 2015.46.


David Hockney: Perspective Should Be Reversed: Prints from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation

This exhibition, the largest retrospective print exhibition of David Hockney’s six-decade career, features more than 100 colorful prints, collages, and photographic and iPad drawings in a variety of media.


David Hockney (British (b. 1937)), Joe With Green Window, edition 1/54, 1979 lithograph 44 x 30 in., Collection of the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation. Image: Aaron Wessling Photography, Courtesy of Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation


Kent Monkman

The Q+ Art Keynote Award is given to an established artist of exceptional talent, whose work has positively impacted LGBTQ+ representation in the arts and incorporates intersectional interests in other aspects of diversity.

Kent Monkman is known for his thought-provoking interventions into Western European and American art history. An interdisciplinary Cree visual artist, he explores themes of colonization, sexuality, loss, and resilience—the complexities of historical and contemporary Indigenous experiences.


Photo of Kent Monkman by Aaron Wynia

Thank you to our supporters who made generous contributions to found and secure the Q+ ART program.


Craig Hartzman and James John

Simon K. Chiu
Arthur M. Cohen and Daryl R. Otte
Kevin Comer and Rick Distel
Mark Hamilton and Juan Francisco
John P. Monahan
Jonathan Murray and Harvey Reese
Mark Pellegrino and Stuart Kent
Michael W. Rabkin and Chip Tom
Pamela Schmider
Robert Shiell

Eric Dingler and Rob Reinhart
Drew Hodges and Peter Kukielski