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Home as Art, Art as Home: A panel discussion on J.B. Blunk’s hand-built Residence

18 February 2018 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Annenberg Theater

5 p.m. doors open, 5:30 p.m. presentation begins, Annenberg Theater

$25 per person, seating is limited

To purchase tickets click HERE.

Moderated by Gerard O’Brien with special guests Roman Alonso and Ido Yoshimoto

From 1958 to 1962, fine artist and woodworker J.B. Blunk built a home in Marin County entirely by hand: he constructed its body from local redwood, fired its cups, plates and bowls in his own kiln, fashioned its furniture, and decorated it with his own sculptures and paintings. In a 2016 article about the house, the New York Times’s T magazine called it “no less than one artist’s architectural treatise on how to live.” Built on a piece of land that painter Gordon Onslow Ford gifted to Blunk in the 50s, the house—which sits on a ridge in Inverness, facing picturesque Tomales Bay—has been beautifully preserved by Blunk’s wife and daughter, who have cared for it since the artist’s death in 2002. From 2007-2011, it was home to an artist’s residency program that invited makers to live and work in the space. This panel—which features artist Ido Yoshimoto, whose father was Blunk’s assistant and who now makes his work in Blunk’s studio, Commune Design cofounder Roman Alonso, and gallerist Gerard O’Brien, who represents the Blunk estate—will discuss the affect the house has had on each of them, as well as the house’s history, how it continues to evolve, and how it has served to springboard ideas for a new generation of creative makers. Concurrent with the panel discussion, the event will feature the screening of a silent film created at the home by fine artist Jeffrey Blondes. A diptych of two simultaneous real-time images showing the house’s interior and exterior spaces, the film was created using cameras that revolved 365 degrees over twenty-four hours. For this event, an accelerated version of the film will be projected over the course of an hour, giving panel-goers a compressed experience of the full film, and of a day spent at the house.

Please note: attendees can use their ticket confirmations for complimentary access to the In Conversation: J.B. Blunk and Alma Allen exhibition on view at the Architecture and Design Center during Modernism Week 2018.

The A+D 2018 Lecture Series is generously sponsored by Linda Usher and Malcolm Lambe, Mark A. Brooks, Nancy and Thomas R. Cunningham, Geoffrey De Sousa and José Manuel Alorda, and The Ahmanson Foundation.

Image grid: Jeffrey Blondes, 2017, JB Blunk - 2x24 Hour Film, Real Time, High Definition (ProRes Full HD 1920 x 1080) 2 x 24 Hour loops