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2018-2019 art studio

Our programs offer diverse learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom setting and expand into the museum. Classes and workshops are taught by leading professional artists, and drawfrom different influences and genres, including painting, storytelling, collage and printmaking, that challenge studentsof all levels to explore their creative abilities and furtherdevelop their artistic skills.

For questions or more information, please contact the Education Department Coordinator, Hilary Roberts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 760-322-4850.

3, 4 and 5-day
studio classes

Weekday Art Studio Classes are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and are held in the Artists Council Center on the lower level of the museum. Tickets are available through the museum’sBox Office at 760-325-4490.

Creative Painting with
Kwok Wai Lau

5-Day, November 12-16, Monday-Friday
$450 Members, $500 Non-Members
Bring Own Materials and Supplies

Creative Painting February with Kwok Wai Lau
5-Day, February 18-22, Monday-Friday $450 Members, $500 Non-Members Bring Own Materials and Supplies

Creative Painting April with Kwok Wai Lau
5-Day, April 15-19, Monday-Friday $450 Members, $500 Non-Members Bring Own Materials and Supplies Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Kwok Wai Lau is a painter and instructor who helps intermediate to advanced artists develop their unique style. His exceptional visual knowledge and uncomplicated teaching style guides students through concepts and techniques ranging from abstraction to realism, and in a variety of mediums. His instruction in watercolor, acrylic, oil, and collage includes demonstrations, discussion and assignments. He will inspire new perspectives, understandings and accomplishments; bring your own supplies, a few blank canvases and whatever projects you are working on.

Lau was on the faculty of the International Art School in Hong Kong, and is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has taught and inspired students in the Chicago North Shore, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Palm Springs areas. His own work ranges from classical realism to abstraction and has been shown worldwide. Lau was the recipient of the prestigious Pauline Palmer Prize from the Art Institute of Chicago

Your Mythic Journey:
Storytelling with
Michael Kass

3-Day, December 3-5, Monday-Wednesday
$250 Members, $300 Non-Members
Skill Level: All Levels

This three-day intensive course explores the ancient art of storytelling and personal mythology as a way to reconnect with an inherent sense of purpose and belonging, and build community.

We will begin in exploration and creation mode, uncovering personal threads of narrative. We then craft stories that resonate at a deeply human level. Finally, a community performance will share these stories in a beautiful ritual, the kind that has brought humans together since we’ve been able to grunt at each other.

This workshop is for anyone who feels pulled to explore their inner landscape in a creative, surprising, and fun way. There is no storytelling, performance, or writing experience necessary, and this workshop is open to students from all backgrounds and levels of experience. We will delve into the power of personal mythology to free the creative voice, reconnect with self and others, and facilitate healing.

If you are human, fascinated by humans, or terrified at the prospect of sharing your story, you are welcome here.

What You Get:
• A deep understanding of story and mythic structure, how stories function in community, and the vocabulary of storytelling in performance • Impactful exercises that will help you explore your own mythic landscape, gain new perspective, and surprise yourself • Individual feedback, guidance, and support throughout the workshop • At least one polished story ready to be shared • The opportunity to share your story in community

Michael Kass (founder, Center for Story + Spirit) is a Los Angeles-based speaker, facilitator, and award-winning storyteller dedicated to helping people, organizations and communities discover and harness the power of their stories to create change. Michael’s trainings on storytelling, speaking, mindfulness and breathwork have been featured at events internationally. He is a graduate of Rice University and Northwestern University, and is an ACC coach certified by the International Coach Federation, a certified breathwork facilitator, and has completed Medicine Wheel training with Rites of Passage Vision Quest.

Reflecting Upon Other Artists’
Works with Mark Leonard

4-Day, January 28-31, Monday-Thursday
$350 Members, $400 Non-Members
Bring Own Materials and Supplies
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

It is a well-established tradition for artists to turn to existing works of art for inspiration.

In this workshop, led by Mark Leonard—an artist and paintings restorer who has spent most of his life immersed in other artists’ works— participants will first explore the process of looking deeply at a work of art in order to develop an intimate understanding of how it was created. They will then use what they have seen and learned as a springboard for re-interpretation and reflection, creating a new work of their own. The original works to be considered will be chosen by the participants from the collections on view at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Participants will provide their own materials—in whatever medium they choose. Further details and a daily schedule will be provided prior to the workshop.

Mark Leonard trained as an artist until deciding to pursue a career as a paintings restorer. He worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for five years, and then moved to Los Angeles where he spent twenty-six years as a paintings conservator at The J. Paul Getty Museum (and headed the department from 1998 until 2010). In 2012, he was invited to join the staff of the Dallas Museum of Art as Chief Conservator. After helping to build the DMA’s restoration department, he returned to creating his own work in Palm Springs in 2017. He is represented by Louis Stern Fine Arts in West Hollywood, California. In 2013, he was invited to create a body of work for the Yale Center for British Art, which culminated in the exhibition “Reflections on Constable’s Cloud Studies: Paintings by Mark Leonard.”

creating an abstract
painting from the
ground up with gwen fox

5-Day, February 4-8, Monday-Friday
$450 Members, $500 Non-Members
Supplies Required
Skill Level: All Levels

Want to paint abstract paintings but haven’t a clue on how to begin? Do you wonder where to find ideas for great abstract designs? How do you know when an abstract is finished? How do you make those luscious quiet colors so your abstracts stand out?

Fear no more as this fabulous workshop will guide you through creating an abstract painting from beginning to end. All your questions will be answered and abstracts will become your favorite painting style.

memory and history through
contemporary painting with
mara de luca

5-Day, March 25-29, Monday-Friday
$450 Members, $500 Non-Members
Supplies Required
Skill Level: All Levels

Explore fundamental aspects of painting viewed through an art historical and contemporary lens. Slide presentations, readings and discussions inspire an investigation of value, color, paint application, mark making and atmospheric effects. Students will be sent a supplies list before class.

Mara De Luca uses color and texture to evoke memories of a place; dusk monochromes, nighttime clouds and glowing sunsets suggest the beauty of the SoCal landscape, whereas stoic colors and metallic frames glamorize the bleakness of the industrial Southland freeways. Often referencing literature and poetry, she allows her experience of these diverse elements to inform her work. De Luca is a graduate of Columbia University and CalArts, and she has had solo exhibitions at Edward Cella Art and Architecture, Quint Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and TOTAH, NY.


Weekend Art Studio Workshops are in the museum’s Artists Council Center on the lower level of the museum. Workshops are on select Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tickets are available through the museum’s Box Office at 760-325-4490.

when worlds collide:
image making and collage with
lorenzo hurtado segovia

October 20 and 21, Saturday and Sunday
$100 Members, $150 Non-Members
Supplies Required
Skill Level: All Levels

This image-making workshop uses collage as the primary technique and includes an exhibition walk through for inspiration and context. Aggregation, accumulation, and juxtaposition are physical and conceptual means that will be used to create a series of new compositions with an array of materials.

Born in Cd. Júarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, Hurtado Segovia graduated with a BA from UCLA in 2003 and an MFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2007. The Vincent Price Art Museum organized his first museum solo exhibition, “Mis Papeles,” a survey of his work from 2007 to 2014. Additionally, his pieces have been featured at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, the LA Municipal Art Gallery and in the SUR Biennial. His work is in the collection of The Hammer Museum and Murals of La Jolla, the American Embassy, as well as several corporate and private collections. Hurtado Segovia is Associate Professor of Communication Arts at Otis College of Art and Design.

text(tiles): frame loom
weaving with kenturah davis

November 3-4, Saturday and Sunday
$100 Members, $150 Non-Members
Supplies Required
Skill Level: All Levels

This introductory weaving workshop, led by artist Kenturah Davis, will begin by exploring how textiles are a vehicle for conveying information. We will do a close study of works in the “Unsettled” exhibition by Guillermo Bert, who embeds codes into the tapestries which can be activated with a smart phone.

Participants will learn the basics of weaving on a simple frame loom, while considering examples of contemporary weavers whose work expands the domain of this ancient technology.

Kenturah Davis is an artist working in Los Angeles, New Haven and Accra, Ghana. Her work oscillates between various facets of portraiture and design. She explores the fundamental role that language has in shaping how we understand ourselves and the world around us. While mostly known for her portraits that are rendered with intricate hand-writing, her most recent work focuses on weaving as a way to encode material with information. By constructing unconventional looms, Davis pushes the boundary of weaving material and shapes to create sculptural woven objects.

electrolyte etching with
bernard hoyes

December 15 and 16, Saturday and Sunday
$100 Members, $150 Non-Members
Supplies Required
Skill Level: All Levels

Explore non-toxic etching with master printmaker Bernard Hoyes. The etching process remains the same as it has for ages, except for the removal of highly toxic acids. In its place, a 12-volt battery or charger, as well as salt and water, are utilized.

The positive electric current passes through a prepared plate that is submerged in water, then a salt solution is poured over the plate. A chemical reaction occurs on the plate’s surface that results in a simple acid that bites or etches the exposed lines or areas. The traditional printing process is resumed.

Hoyes will help students to prepare and develop plates for the electrolyte process, guiding each student through the technical process to a successful print. Included are demonstrations and discussions in a workshop setting with a supportive atmosphere.

Bernard Hoyes is a multi-disciplinary artist and master printmaker specializing in seriagraphs, etchings and lithography. He is the Founder of Caribbean Fine Arts Publishing and Kensington Press, and has worked and printed with Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles and Brandywine Graphic Worship in Philadelphia.

Crafting Contemporary Art in
Context Using Symbolism with
Anne Faith Nicholls

January 19 and 20, Saturday and Sunday
$100 Members, $150 Non-Members
Supplies Required
Skill Level: All Levels

Join acclaimed Neosurrealist painter Anne Faith Nicholls for a creative exploration of Surrealism, from its history to its exciting resurgence in New Contemporary Art—to your easel! We will use Salvador Dalí’s “50 Secrets of Magical Craftsmanship” to inspire the subconscious and your art practice. We will also re-examine Frida Kahlo and René Magritte’s portraits for hidden messages, and get up-close and personal to some of the Palm Springs Art Museum’s more mysterious works. Over the course of this workshop, you will explore symbolism and context to create your very own René Magritte-style painting in the Museum’s studio classroom, while learning unique acrylic painting techniques and trade secrets taught by the artist.

Anne Faith Nicholls is an American contemporary artist based in Palm Springs. Best recognized for her Neosurrealistic paintings, Nicholls has exhibited in collections, galleries, museums and fairs around the world, and also contributed to a variety of high-profile commercial projects with renowned collaborators. Often exploring the subconscious, her works are layered and mysterious, creating symbolic and alluring narratives on the human condition with a unique perspective.

Modified Tapestry Weaving:
A 3D Design with
Nora Lou Rolf

March 9 and 10, Saturday and Sunday
$100 Members, $150 Non-Members
Supplies Required
Skill Level: All Levels

The elemental construction of a weaving can be broken down into the character of the fibers of the weft and the composition of the weave itself.

In this workshop, Rolf will take you through the process of building a pulledwarp tapestry weaving. This will include deconstructing the plane of the weave by arranging cut paper maquettes, while applying the principles of form and space to make a three-dimensional composition. You will learn how to assemble your weaving with warping your own loom, and will end with a finished sample weaving.

Nora Lou Rolf is an experienced art fabricator with a history of working with materials as divergent as stone and linen. She has been an assistant in the studios of the artists Andrea Zittel and Alma Allen for the past several years, and has been an active member of AZ West’s West Work weaving community since 2014. Nora’s weaving can be found locally at BKB Art + Design and in the Palm Springs Art Museum Store. Rolf spent her formative years kicking around the suburbs of Wayne, Michigan and taking in the Great Plains of Nebraska. She currently resides in Joshua Tree, CA.