L.J. Cella Collections

kronish houseThe Palm Springs Art Museum was recently selected to be the recipient of a major collection of architectural drawings and photographs from L.J. Cella, a private collector. The collection consists of 114 original architectural renderings and drawings, furniture, and models that Cella has accumulated over the past 8 years. The collection is now a part of the museum’s permanent collection and significantly expands its holdings of architecture and design-related work.

Ranging from Neutra presentation drawings from 1953 to a rendering of the proposed World Trade Center plan by Daniel Libeskind done in 2004, the collection spans decades of excellent design and features many concept drawings from a wide range of architects and landscape designers. One series of images details a visitor center near Mur Island in Graz, Austria by artist Vito Acconci. The project was designed to be a floating pad above a river, and illustrates the collection’s emphasis on designs that feature interesting materials, concepts or projects.