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Membership at the Palm Springs Art Museum brings a multitude of benefits, including quarterly receipt of InSight magazine, free admission, and discounts in the Museum Store, Annenberg Theater, and art workshops. An additional benefit available to members only is the opportunity to participate in special interest councils. The councils are the most active and dynamic part of our membership, with more than 1,200 museum members electing to join. Participation in a council is the best way to meet other members with similar interests and become involved with activities and events that support the museum’s exhibitions and programming. There are nine councils, each with its own staff liaison, bylaws, dues structure and board of directors. Museum membership is a prerequisite to join a council, but once you join, you’ll receive their newsletter updates and invitations to all of their special events.

Whether your interest is volunteering, fundraising, or enjoying a performance at the Annenberg Theater; or viewing exclusive private collections of Western Art, Photography, and Contemporary art; or gaining insight about architecture and design - councils offer something for everyone!

Annenberg Theater Council

Are you interested in supporting great performing arts entertainment? The Annenberg Theater Council (ATC) supports the museum in funding the Annenberg Theater programs through its innovative program of music and live performances. ATC members receive exclusive invitations to the season's opening night, special events, tours and enjoy priority seating for all Annenberg Theater events.

For more information, please call Box Office Manager/ATC Liaison, Mike Neilsen at 760-322-4850 or .

Architecture and Design Council

The Architecture and Design Council (ADC) with its over 400 members focuses on contemporary issues and innovations in architecture and design. In addition to special events at private residences, the ADC sponsors an annual symposium, a lecture series, and tours to architecturally-significant sites. The ADC continues to grow at an unprecedented pace with its innovative programming.

For more information, please call ADC Coordinator, Paul Ortega at 760-322-4818 or .

Artists Council

If you have an interest in creating art, the Artists Council (AC) is the place for you. Join the AC to learn, to share and to connect with fellow artists in the local community and beyond. To learn about various art genres, the AC Workshops offer instruction from beginning to advanced levels. If you?d like to share your artistic expertise, you can participate in Art Party where free art instruction is made available for kids and adults. Observe artists at work during monthly Artists in Action demonstrations. ACE is a juried exhibition of AC members' work. Fundraising for the museum is done via, 99 Bucks, an anonymous sale of original small canvases, created by local artists and by people who are famous – and infamous. AC Sundays include films, art tours, bus trips and more for AC members and guests.

For more information, please call the AC Coordinator, Randall Weidner at 760-322-4850 or .

Contemporary Art Council

The Contemporary Art Council (CAC) is a group of collectors and enthusiasts who plan activities and events that raise money to underwrite exhibitions and to purchase artwork for the museum’s permanent collection. The CAC also present lectures and enjoy touring major art collections locally, nationally, and around the world.

For more information, please call the CAC Coordinator, Gabriela Rodriguez-Gomez at 760-322-4823 or .

Docent Council

Each year, a number of eager and earnest applicants are chosen from dozens of hopefuls for the rigorous but rewarding docent training. Orientation for the class is in early October and the training culminates in April with the presentation of their research and their first public tour. Each new candidate is paired with an experienced docent as their mentor and guided through the process of learning about the art and artists in the museum’s permanent collection, developing communication skills appropriate for all ages, and, of course, enjoying themselves at every step along the way!

For more information, please call Irene N. Rodríguez at 760-322-4837 or .

Museum Associates Council

The Museum Associates Council (MAC) was established as a small group of members with a strong desire to assist in the ongoing promotion and funding of museum programs. Today, more than 300 dedicated MAC members execute a variety of fundraising events annually raising over $700,000 to support programs, exhibitions and the general operating fund. Best known for hosting the museum’s annual Gala, and biennial events, A Day in the Garden, The Art of Shopping and Let Us Entertain You (LUEY) parties, MAC also offers its members many volunteer and enrichment opportunities, including luncheon speakers, art-related trips, and a scholarship program.

For more information, please call MAC Events Coordinator, Bethany Lange at 760-322-4816 or .

Museum Service Council

The Museum Service Council (MSC) is looking for volunteers to join their creative, art-loving volunteer corps. Who said work couldn’t be fun? MSC members work as ushers in the Annenberg Theater, help our guests in the Muse Café, assist with sales in the Museum Store and perform a multitude of administrative tasks and duties. All ages and skill sets are welcomed and we are interested to hear from those who can give their time on regular assignments, as well as those who can be called upon in a pinch to help with mass mailings or special projects.

Museum membership is required for consideration into the MSC with an additional $20 membership fee to join. Council members are recognized by the museum and enjoy camaraderie at an annual “thank you” luncheon.

Interested parties may call BIll Ransom at 760-322-4878 or  for more information.

Photography Collection Council

The Photography Collection Council (PCC) is the newest support council for the Palm Springs Art Museum, and has been formed to support a newly articulated photographic mission and focus for the museum. The PCC will serve as the principal support group for the development of a collection that reflects the collecting and exhibition of photography anchored in depictions of natural, social, urban, and built environments. PCC’s main function is to promote the museum’s goal to become one of the country’s leading repositories of photographs as a source of in-house and traveling exhibitions, scholarly study, and publications.

For more information, please call PCC Coordinator, Deborah Dejah at 760-322-4800 ext. 168 or .

Western Art Council

The museum's Western and Native American collections have long been a cornerstone of the Palm Springs Art Museum and represents one of its greatest legacies for the future. Membership in the Western Art Council (WAC) helps promote and foster appreciation of Western and Native American art through support of exhibitions, art acqusitions and programs. WAC's popular activities include an annual barbecue, fundraiser and exciting art tours. Other events include Conversations With Collectors, a series of "show-and-tell" gatherings scheduled throughout the year in private homes. In the coming season, plans are in progress for a tour to visit private collections and artists' studios in the Coachella Valley.

For more information, please call WAC Coordinator, Alicia Gregory at 760-322-4888 or