Teen Arts Academy

Teen Arts Academy at PSAM gives high school students of the Coachella Valley the opportunity to discuss art critically, think creatively, and make art alongside contemporary artists and professional educators while working collaboratively with their peers as they investigate creative pathways throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond.

Teens sitting on a gallery floor on the third floor

Through individual drop-in workshops, teens will interact with working artists and museum professionals, engage in arts making activities, and expand their thinking about what art is, what it means in society, and how it contributes to a greater sense of community.

teens creating art

Photos by Lauren Cedar

Teen pointing at a painting in a gallery

This program empowers local high school students to explore the possibilities inherent in creative-collaboration through interactions with professional artists working in a broad spectrum of creative disciplines. Each workshop is designed to activate the power of storytelling and demonstrate how the visual arts shape our personal and collective identity.

Teens creating art


  • Build a sense of personal identity and self-knowledge through supportive mentoring
  • Engage with the museum’s permanent collection and world-class traveling exhibitions
  • Develop a life long relationship to the arts and culture through authentic work and social engagement
  • Build a worldview grounded in art by interacting with working artists and museum professionals

Upcoming Academy

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