For over 80 years, Palm Springs Art Museum has been presenting inspiring and significant works to the residents of the Coachella Valley and to visitors from around the world.

From our beginnings as a natural history museum through our transition into a first-class art museum, this institution has always served as a major cultural center for our community. By mounting stimulating exhibitions and displaying the varied works from our collection, the museum has always inspired audiences, explored different points of view, and provided a platform for emerging artistic movements and explorations.

But today—more than ever before—we need your help.

This year’s closure due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation has placed a financial strain upon the institution unequal to any time in our long history. In order to continue being a vital community resource, which includes protecting and preserving our buildings and the artworks in our collection, we ask for your support as we work to reopen the museum.

Your financial contribution will make it possible for the museum to continue to offer engagement, fulfillment, and inspiration. It will also help us realize compelling exhibitions, including a review of the hypnotically surreal paintings and landscapes by local icon Agnes Pelton, a stunning glass exhibition from the  museum’s collection, and a retrospective of legendary Palm Springs architect Albert Frey.

With your support, Palm Springs Art Museum will enter the next phase of our continuing evolution as an enriching, invigorating, and essential community resource.