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Join us for
Museum Art Camp

in Palm Springs and Palm Desert

Children ages 5 through 12 will explore many exciting artistic journeys with creative hands-on projects and adventurous gallery experiences with a team of experienced museum educators and visiting artists. Classes take place in air-conditioned galleries and art studios. If the price of a class is a consideration, please do not hesitate to inquire about partial and full scholarships.

We award a limited number of scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call 760-322-4852 for further details.

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AGES 5–6



JUNE 25–29  |  9 am–12 noon  |  PS

Line, Shape and Gesture are just fancy words for squiggle, smudge & splat! Supercharge your art with movement and energy as you explore the techniques of abstract painters in this hands-on focused session that will have you experimenting with the expressive power of color and texture. 

Art Safari

JULY 2–6  |  9 am–12 noon  |  PS

Are you wild about animals? Take a gallery safari and see which wild things you can discover in the works of art and unleash your creativity as you sculpt, print and draw your favorite animals.  

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AGES 7–9

Printmakers’ Studio

JUNE 25–29 |  9 am–12 noon  |  PS

Stencil, scratch, carve and cut as you discover the versatility of printmaking by exploring the techniques of expert printmakers while you put together your own art portfolio. Learn how to create multiple prints of your unique designs and share your limited edition set of prints with your friends and family. 


Journey with Line 
JUNE 25–29 |  1 pm–4 pm  |  PS
Discover the versatility of the humble line as you investigate the museum’s permanent collection. Then get ready to create as you practice a variety of artists’ tips and tricks that will push your drawings to the next level.


Build It, Shape It, Sculpt It

JULY 2–6  |  9 am–12 noon  |  PS

Explore the world of three dimensional art as you learn from the masters of modern sculpture: Alexander Calder, Barbara Hepworth, and Pablo Picasso. Make your ideas a reality by building, assembling, and sculpting works of art using clay, wire and found objects.  


Abstract Action Painting

JULY 2–6  |  1 pm–4 pm  |  PS

Experience the expressive power of abstract art as you energize your paintings with the Elements of Art and use line, shapes and color to create dynamic masterpieces full of movement. 


The Road Less Traveled

JULY 9–13  |  9 am–12 noon  |  PD

Get behind the lens and capture your vision of the desert as you investigate the properties of light and nature through photography. Then learn about the techniques and tools in our “digital darkroom” that will take your photos from good to great. 


Slanguage Teen Arts Academy

JULY 9–13 | (10am-12pm & 1—3pm) |  PS

Slanguage co-founders Mario Ybarra Jr. and Karla Diaz will lead an intensive multi-disciplinary week-long program for teens. The program will engage students thru a series of workshops helping students meet the challenges of contemporary art making through activities that address critical thinking and problem-solving, the consideration of social, historical/cultural context and the application of alternative art/studio practices. Some of these will include skills of observation, sound, display, performance, public engagement and intervention. The program will be focused on process and be an agent of conversation, interaction for students individual interest and collaborative work.


Art in Motion

JULY 9–13 |  1 pm–4 pm  |  PD

Make your ideas come to life in this introductory course on the basics of stop motion animation. Learn how to design, storyboard, and direct your own animated shorts using cut-out and Claymation techniques. 


AGES 10–12


Architects Wanted

JUNE 25–29 |  9 am–12 noon  |  PS

Get into the minds of two superstar architects and build your own architectural model! Use nature as inspiration for your design like E. Stewart Williams, and incorporate the local landscape into your home like Albert Frey. Field trips to the Architecture and Design Center and Frey House II are included as part of the class. What will you build for the 21st century?


Art of the Story

JUNE 25–29 |  1 pm–4 pm  |  PS

Visual art is a powerful tool for sharing stories. Bridge the gap between word and image as you learn how to create a one of a kind art book to fill with your ideas and thoughts. What stories will you share?


Mural Masters 

JULY 2–6 |  9 am–12 noon  |  PS

Find out what it takes to make large-scale public art with artist Sofia Enriquez as she creates a mural in downtown Palm Springs and learn how to make a statement using the tools and techniques of expert muralists to create bold, eye-catching designs.


Printmakers’ Studio

JULY 2–6 |  1 pm–4 pm  |  PS

This introductory course on printmaking will have you learning from experienced artists while using professional-grade materials. You produce a portfolio of limited edition prints using a variety of printmaking techniques. 


Journey Through the Desert 

JULY 16–20  |  9 am–12 noon  |  PD

Frame the world from your perspective as you learn about the fundamentals of photography and the effects of light, shadow, and space as you journey through the Galen and Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden in Palm Desert. Then learn how to perfect your shots and prepare them for print using Photoshop Elements. 


Art in Motion

JULY 16–20  |  1 pm–4 pm  |  PD

Make your ideas come to life in this introductory course on the basics of stop motion animation. Learn how to design, storyboard, and direct your own animated shorts using cut-out and Claymation techniques.