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For more information:
Keri Jhaveri
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Council Officers:
Chairman: Patrick Blythe
Vice Chair: Denise Finch
Secretary: Richard Proctor
Treasurer: Barbara Kaplan
Hospitality: Joe Cifarelli
Day Captain: Carolyn Whittington
Enrichment Trips: Eileen Fitzpatrick and Freddy Noble

The Palm Springs Art Museum's Docent Council is made up of generous volunteers who are passionate about art and life long learning. Our docents connect visitors to the art work in our galleries and provide positive museum experiences for adults and school children.


Beginning at the end of February 2016, the Palm Springs Art Museum is seeking applications for a new docent class 2016/17. Prospective docents should be friendly, outgoing, interested in art and ready to collaborate and learn new things. Spanish-speaking applicants are especially desired!

Interested in becoming a docent? Please submit an application here.

Council Events (DC)

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