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Electrolyte Etching with Bernard Hoyes

15 December – 16 December 2018
Palm Springs Art Museum

How Long: 2-Day Course

When: December 15, 2018 - December 16, 2018

How Much: $100 Members, $150 Non-Members 

Info: Bring Own Materials and Supplies

Skill Level: All Levels


Explore non-toxic etching with master printmaker Bernard Hoyes. The etching process remains the same as it has for ages, except for the removal of highly toxic acids. In its place, a 12-volt battery or charger, as well as salt and water, are utilized. The positive electric current passes through a prepared plate that is submerged in water, then a salt solution is poured over the plate. A chemical reaction occurs on the plate‚Äôs surface that results in a simple acid that bites or etches the exposed lines or areas. The traditional printing process is resumed.

Hoyes will help students to prepare and develop plates for the electrolyte process, guiding each student through the technical process to a successful print. Included are demonstrations and discussions in a workshop setting with a supportive atmosphere.

Bernard Hoyes is a multi-disciplinary artist and master printmaker specializing in seriagraphs, etchings and lithography. He is the Founder of Caribbean Fine Arts Publishing and Kensington Press, and has worked and printed with Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles and Brandywine Graphic Worship in Philadelphia.