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Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse

01 October 2018 – 14 January 2019
Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center

Three Women, Three Continents, Three Companies That Put Recycling at the Heart of the Design Process . . .

The textile and fashion industries produce millions of tons of solid waste every year through the many processes used, from yarn production, weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing, to apparel construction and quality inspection, generating waste at each step.


Typically, this waste is sent to landfill, incinerated, or, at best, recycled into low-quality fiber used for industrial applications. Scraps will present three designers’ alternative approaches to the shockingly high human and environmental costs of textile industry waste.

 scraps2.png  scraps6.png


Luisa Cevese (Riedizioni, Milan, Italy), Christina Kim (dosa, Los Angeles, USA), and Reiko Sudo (NUNO, Tokyo, Japan) all share a profound respect for scraps as repositories of raw materials, energy, labor, and creativity. Inspired by the long tradition of using handcraft to give new life to scraps and cast-offs, each takes an entirely different approach to contending with textile waste. But all three agree that there is much to be gained—aesthetically and financially, as well as environmentally and socially—by making recycling an integral part of their design practices.

 scraps3.png  scraps1.png


The delicate beauty of the fabrics , garments, and accessories featured in Scraps create a seductive visual experience the exhibition space. But the concept also provides a unique platform for exploring many facets of sustainability: using materials and resources efficiently, promoting meaningful labor practices, sustaining local craft traditions, and exploring new technologies as integral to the recycling process.

The exhibition will focus on a single project or concept from each designer, each utilizing waste generated at a different stage of the manufacturing stream. Christina Kim is customizing a recycled jamdani , an extremely fine, hand-woven figured cotton muslin used for saris in West Bengal, India, especially for the A+D Center presentation of the exhibition and is using the special environment of Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs as her inspiration.

Scraps credits-Oct 05 2018.jpg

Credits: Luisa Cevese (Riedizioni, Milan, Italy), Christina Kim (dosa, Los Angeles, USA), and Reiko Sudo (NUNO, Tokyo, Japan) | Photography by Lance Gerber