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Chasing The Light: A Course In Practical Photography with Stephen Baumbach

March 5 – March 8, 2018
Palm Springs Art Museum

4-Day Mar 5-8, 2018 Mon-Thurs
$425 museum members, $490 nonmembers
To attend, tickets are available through the museum’s box office (760-325-4490). 

A four-day workshop to cover photographic basics to make you a better photographer through history, demonstration and practical application.  This will not be your ordinary dry and dull “how to”.  Plan to have fun AND learn.

DAY ONE (Photography, how did it all begin and where are we now?)
Camera obscura. Daguerre – Emulsion on copper or tin. Talbot – The paper negative. George Eastman – The Kodak Empire. Prints and films – Wet Plate/Albumen/Tin/Canotype/Sepia/Collodian.
The Camera’s Evolution - Box cameras to DSLRs. Box cameras – The wonder begins for the general public. Bellows and views 4x5 and 8X10. Snap Shot – Everyone needs a camera. The heavy weights – Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Minolta, Mamiya,etc. The new breed – What happened?  One day it was film and the next digital!
In the darkroom - What happens in there, it’s so dark? (Just in case you want to know). In the soup!   What happens when film is developed?. Make the print.  Enlarging, Dodging and burning. End of Day

DAY TWO (Bring Your Camera day, Live demonstrations of how your camera works.) 
How it works – Lens to sensor. Aperture – wide or tight.  Depth of field. Shutter Speed – Fast or slow.  Applications for both. Auto vs. manual – Both have reasons for being there. Color Balance – leave the unnatural color tints in the dust.
Raw or Jpeg – More or less information. Lens Selection – Prime vs. Zooms and how wide should you go?. Flash – TTL and Manual. Camera Setup – Quick, easy and fun. Batteries – Yes they’re important too.
Let’s Shoot! Some practical labs to show you how this all comes together. End of Day                                   

DAY THREE (The new “darkroom” - High-level Adobe Photoshop and LightRoom)
Photoshop CC - A quick tour around the Photoshop workspace. The tools – What do all these tools do?. Layers – They’re not as scary as you think. LightRoom - why you need to use it.
Plug-ins and filters - How to use them and when not to. Nik. Alien Skin. Topaz. On-One. Anthropics.
Files and file storage.  Where and how to manage your files. Storage – where do I put all these files and do I need to keep them all? File Sizes – Size matters. Printing - An art in itself. Monitor calibration. Profiles. RIPs. Paper/metal/canvas/acrylic/wood. End of Day

DAY FOUR (How to make a great photograph)
Composition – What does this mean? Rule of Thirds – Huh?!  Let’s break this down. Color vs. B&W – When do either apply? 
Visualizing - Shooting with an idea ahead of time. In Camera – “Oh I’ll fix it in Photoshop”.
Let’s Shoot!  A walk around the Palm Springs Museum sculpture garden for that elusive image. Upload and critique. Summary – Did we have fun? 
End of workshop


Sand Dreams x

Sand Dreams, Photograph by Stephen Baumbach


This full-day intensive class is held in AC Center on the lower level of the museum. Classes are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and have a lunch break. Get your tickets early. Last season almost all of our intensive classes sold out. Questions: please contact Daniel Hogan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.