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Creating Paint from Chalk Pastels
with Sherrill Kahn

March 10, 2018
Palm Springs Art Museum

Creating Paint from Chalk Pastels with Sherrill Kahn

1/20/2018 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the AC Center

The possibility of creating beautiful glazes and endless colors of paint is as simple as using an inexpensive set of chalk colors and an acrylic medium.  I have stacks of work that were not successful, or were part of a demonstration that was never finished.  I add this paint and can redeem an unsuccessful piece of work. 

Collage can be added throughout the process since the medium and paint will adhere the collage.

Matte medium leaves a flat surface that can be enhanced with pencil lines, colored pencil, and any other dry medium.  Oil pastels are especially effective over the matte medium.

Gloss medium can be added to the pastels to create a contrast against matte medium areas.  Oil pastels work beautifully over the glossy surface.

An inexpensive set of chalk pastels from Michaels costs $4.99 and has 36 colors.  The possible combination of colors is endless.

This technique works on fabric, paper, wood, and any other substrate that has a porous surface.

The paint can be used with rubber stamps (wash them immediately after using them), styrofoam plate printing plates, or any other items that have texture that can be added to the surface.

I love this technique and find it very addictive.

Sherrill Kahn's Bio:

Sherrill has been an art teacher for over 50 years. She taught in the secondary schools of Los Angeles Unified School District for 30 years where she was honored by the California Parent Teachers Association and many other organizations.  Upon retirement she authored seven books (available on Amazon), and has a DVD.

She has taught throughout the world including India, Switzerland, Germany, the U.K., Canada, and throughout the United States.  She has taught Calligraphy Groups, Quilters, Artists, Children, and many more groups.  

She had her own paint line from Jacquard called "Sherrill's Sorbets".  

She had six fabric lines from Robert Kaufmann Fine Fabrics.  

She loves teaching and loves to "Push the Envelope".

Free for Artists Council Members
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