Art Event 2018

Saturday, January 27, 2018
Palm Springs Convention Center

Thank you for
a great event!

We raised nearly twice the
amount as last year, we thank
everyone for their support.

Stay tuned for next year!


Want to let us know how much
you enjoyed the Gala? Or
suggestions for next year? Let us
know! We're always eager to
hear what you have to say.


Thank You to Our Sponsors


  • Donna MacMillan
  • Harold B. Matzner


  • JoAnn McGrath
  • Stacey and Greg Renker


  • Annette Bloch
  • Helene V. Galen
  • Patti and Jack Grundhofer
  • Peggy Jacobs and Bob Howard
  • Jan Salta
  • Faye Sarkowsky
  • Arlene Schnitzer


  • Joyce Brandman
  • Diane Deshong
  • Barbara Fremont
  • Susan Goodman and Rodney
  • Lubeznik
  • Beth Edwards Harris
  • Roberta Holland
  • Vicki and Bill Hood
  • Joyce Klein and Gerald Breslauer
  • Mary Ann and Charles LaBahn
  • Annette and Ted Lerner
  • Katherine and Judd Malkin
  • Phyllis and Gary Schahet
  • Nita Soref
  • Marguerite and David Wilson


  • Becky Benaroya
  • Sally and Miles Berger
  • Margi and Max Briggs
  • Peggy Cravens
  • Eisenhower Medical Center
  • El Paseo Jewelers
  • Jane Emison and Mike Tierney
  • Cheryl and Bob Fey
  • Georgia and Jerry Fogelson
  • Dr. Ronald and Carol Fragen
  • Joyce and Henry Freund
  • Marshall Gelfand and
  • Jacqueline Rudman
  • Angie Gerber
  • Diane and Hal Gershowitz
  • John D. and Amy Jo Gottfurcht,
  • SSI Investment Management
  • Jessica and Gary Grace
  • Bea Keats
  • Cheryl McArthur and Mark Hogan
  • Tom Minder and Duke Kulas
  • Barry Morse and
  • Candice Connell Morse
  • Linda and Manny Rider
  • Diane Rubin and Lenny Eber
  • Dr. Jane and Robert Saltonstall
  • Paul Schorr
  • Sensorium Event Productions
  • Ann Sheffer and Bill Scheffler
  • Pamela Smallwood
  • Thom and Councilwoman
  • Iris Smotrich
  • Nancy Stone
  • Waring International Piano Competition