Palm Springs Art Museum
Palm Desert
Edwards Harris Center


12/16/12 - 03/28/13
Marks Graphics Center And Jorgensen Gallery
Palm Springs Art Museum

From their position as romantic travelers to social chroniclers, photographers have used the camera to capture the spirit of place whether familiar or foreign. Nineteenth-century Europeans brought back images from distant countries. Twentieth-century documentarians focused on the dislocations of modern life accompanying the social effects of industrialism and urban development. Soviet era photographers depicted the transformation of an entire society based on utopian ideals. More recently, adventurous artists have explored other cultures to examine the impact of global exchange.

This survey of significant gifts to the museum’s collection demonstrates how the photographic lens reveals the identity of a region. Photographers included range from unknown creators of travel albums to Louis-Auguste Bisson, Francis Frith, Eugene Atget, Ferdinand Ongania, Bonfils & Cie, Alfred Stieglitz, Brown Brothers, Andre Kertesz, Georgi Zelma, Max Alpert, Yevgeny Khaldei, Harry Callahan, Lewis Morley, Arthur Tress, Linda Connor, Mark Klett, and Rolfe Horn among others.

This exhibition is organized by Palm Springs Art Museum