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Memory and History Through Contemporary Painting with Mara De Luca

25 March – 29 March 2019
Palm Springs Art Museum

How Long: 5-Day Course

When: March 25, 2019 - March 29, 2019

How Much: $450 Members, $500 Non-Members 

Info: Bring Own Materials and Supplies

Skill Level: All Levels


Explore fundamental aspects of painting viewed through an art historical and contemporary lens. Slide presentations, readings and discussions inspire an investigation of value, color, paint application, mark making and atmospheric effects. Students will be sent a supplies list before class.

Mara De Luca uses color and texture to evoke memories of a place; dusk monochromes, nighttime clouds and glowing sunsets suggest the beauty of the SoCal landscape, whereas stoic colors and metallic frames glamorize the bleakness of the industrial Southland freeways. Often referencing literature and poetry, she allows her experience of these diverse elements to inform her work. De Luca is a graduate of Columbia University and CalArts, and she has had solo exhibitions at Edward Cella Art and Architecture, Quint Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and TOTAH, NY.