ADA Notice under the Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA Notice under the Americans with Disabilities Act 

Wheelchairs - All exhibits are wheelchair accessible. Standard wheelchairs are available at all three sites at no charge. To borrow a wheelchair, please see Security.

Passenger Unload/Load Zone and Parking - Guests with limited mobility who are arriving by vehicle can gain access to a passenger unload and load zone via the north parking lot, in front of the Box Office. A passenger unload and load zone is located approximately 15 feet from an elevator that will take you to the lower level. Accessible parking is available directly across from the Box Office. The south parking lot also has accessible parking with ramp access to the lower level. A valid accessibility parking permit is required.

For guests visiting the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert - There are accessible parking spaces located in the parking lot near the museum entrance, as well as directly to the south of the Annette Bloch Education Wing. Both parking areas have accessible ramps that will lead to the entrance of the museum, or lead around the building to the Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden.

For guests visiting the Architecture and Design Center - Accessible parking is located adjacent to the building with an accessible ramp on the right side of the main entrance.

Restrooms – If visiting the Palm Springs Art Museum, accessible restrooms are located on the lower level and the 3rd floor. If visiting our Palm Desert location, all restrooms are accessible. If visiting the Architecture and Design Center, the restrooms on the lower level are accessible.

assistive animalsAssistive Animals - Visitors who require assistive animals, such as guide-dogs, are welcome to bring them to the museum.



audio listeningAssistive Listening Device - To help visitors who are hard of hearing both the Annenberg Theater and the Lecture Hall offer assistive listening devices free of charge. Please contact security or theater staff for a assistance. Assistive listening devices are also available at our admissions desk at all 3 locations. Please see admissions staff.



audio listeningAudio Tours - Special exhibitions that provide audio tours will have accompanying transcripts available upon request from our admissions desk. Transcripts will be prepared in an 14 pt. san serif font with 1.5 line spacing for easier reading.



closed captioningClosed Captioning or Open Captioning – All video with audio in permanent and temporary exhibitions will have closed captioning, open captioning, or an accompanying transcript will be available upon request from our admissions desk.



sign languageSign Language Interpreters - Anyone who requires a sign language interpreter for effective communication to participate in a program, service, or activity of the Palm Springs Art Museum, should contact the museum's ADA Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This request should be made no less than 5 days in advance to assure the availability of an interpreter.